Much seems to be made of the personal finance concept of FIRE. FIRE stands for financial Independence retire early. Whether or not you believe in the retire early part of it, financial independence is certainly a laudable goal and we here a DocSupp wholeheartedly endorse it. But don’t forget to enjoy life on your way to financial independence. Don’t feel bad that you did not start earlier. Don’t feel like a failure because you haven’t reached a point where you can call yourself financially independent. Whether you just started on the path of financial independence, are well on your way to doing so or you’ve already achieved it, you should make a concerted effort to enjoy life. Don’t look back and wish you had had more fun or regret having missed out on something that you later find was important. In this section, we hope to support you in your quest for joy and fulfillment while you’re on your path to financial independence or later.

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