Everyone dreams of an alternate career. Acting, writing, executive, investing…whatever. Mostly as a fantasy. Occasionally out of sheer necessity. The coronavirus pandemic brought some hard times to a lot of people. But doctors were uniquely affected. The loss of control over our lives and destinies was far more shocking than the loss of revenue. The drop in paychecks was not irrelevant or insignificant though. And I don’t know a single doctor who did not think of doing something other than medicine during this time. Or even wishing they had already done that. Full time or as a side gig.

Doctors are one of the greatest assets to any society. We show immense patience by going through over 30 years of grueling education and fulfilling all the regulations that are required for maintaining our skills, our licenses and practicing. And this patience and hard work makes us uniquely suited to enter all kinds of non-doctor careers. Going through medical school, I saw many of my seniors, residents, attendings and doctors in private practice participate in all kinds of extra-curricular activities. Acting, singing, business and teaching. I never thought that was unusual. After all, were we not the best of the best in our pre-med classes? Hyper competitive in med school and residency. And exceptionally innovative in the clinics, ORs, floors and units. Why would it then be a surprise if we could act, write, run a business or learn how to invest for a living?

Whether you are doing it because you always wanted to or Covid-19 forced you to, considering alternate careers outside of being a traditional physician is very popular these days. But for many of us, it is a black hole. Many years, if not decades of traditional medical practice and associated safe paychecks has made us blind to opportunities outside clinical practice and outside medicine. And yet, these alternate careers may be the only salvation for a lot of us now.  DocSupp aims to connect doctors who want to explore these options and facilitators as well as recruiters who may want to source this ultra-high quality pool of professionals. We hope to help anyone who wants to replace or supplement their income or their peace of mind.

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