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DocSupp aims to provide a collaborative platform for doctors to make their voice heard about any issue. Whether related to the practice of Medicine or life in general. Whether you are a medical student or a retired physician. We want to hear from you and support you.  DocSupp is showcasing new and classic content from several physician and non-physician writers and bloggers. We are constantly adding new writers on a variety of issues. We hope this platform encourages you to speak your mind, seek and provide support through your writing. 


Physicians are society’s greatest resource. We have toiled ceaselessly for decades so we can help our patients. But today, more than ever before, our profession is under siege from all kinds of vested interests. Voice is the DocSupp blog. We want every physician voice to be heard. By your colleagues, your patients and especially by the powers that be. We hope that your voice will help us underline the value that doctors bring to healthcare. And with your voice, you will help your fellow physicians to stay strong in their mission and vision.

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This is not a physician finance blog. But since money is a necessary evil for our existence, we will address it in tolerable ways and quantities here. In this section, as in all others, I will try to limit my own opinions and let the professionals and experts do the talking.  Read More >>

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After the FIRE

Much seems to be made of the personal finance concept of FIRE.  FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. Whether or not you believe in the retire early part of it, financial independence is certainly a laudable goal and we here a DocSupp wholeheartedly endorse it. But don’t forget to enjoy life on your way to financial independence.  Read More >>

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